Rappin’ with the Law: Understanding Legal Concepts

Yo, listen up, gonna drop some knowledge on the res in law,
Understand it right, avoid the flaw.

Ever heard the erred meaning in law?
Gotta know it well, ain’t no time for a flaw.

Check out the Lethbridge Herald court news,
Stay informed, don’t be the one to lose.

Want to register a business name in BC Canada?
Follow the steps, make your business shine like a banner.

Learn how to write appendices in business plan,
Make it perfect, like a music band.

Looking for legal billing programs,
Streamline your process, no more programs that clamor.

What’s een contract voor onbepaalde tijd?
Get the facts straight, make your knowledge wide.

Do you know the Greenville County sales tax rate?
Keep up with the updates, never be too late.

Get your administrative law exam notes,
Study hard, pass with flying coats.

Understand intellectual property definition in law,
Know your rights, no room for a flaw.

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