Bulgarian customs for weddings

Any woman’s bridal is a significant time in their lives, and it can involve more than just the expression of love and the union of two hearts. Additionally, it marks the joining of two communities and the beginning of a innovative paragraph in their shared story bulgarian mail order brides. Many of the fascinating traditions that Bulgarians have to offer can have a significant influence on your wedding day. They did include a particular contact and make your great evening memorable whether you decide to incorporate all of these traditions or just some of them.

One of the most significant bulgarian bride practices dates back ages. In the past, grooms may give their closest companions to their potential ladies’ fathers to request their consent to wed them. This is how a “kumove” ( good parents https://books.google.fr/books?id=-piYBgAAQBAJ&pg=PA44&lpg=PA44&dq=love&source=bl&ots=vnWkTuRrKa&sig=ACfU3U25XXQQccS1XWR2QE0xz4H0iZsWng&hl=en) is created—the newlyweds ‘ family or close friends who serve as their moral and spiritual support.

The bride flag, which was used to shield the young woman from negative fate in her married life, is another conventional component of a bulgarian ceremony. On a tree branch, reddish or red and white cotton was sewn together before being delivered to the wife. The bride and her friends had sing songs to ward off any bad energy it might carry when she received it. The guardians subsequently threw it in water, broke it, or hid it so that no one could use it to perform black miracle.

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